There may be trouble ahead

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It would be very easy to think that Labour has all the political problems this summer, but that's simply not true. If you want an indication of the crisis - and possible party split facing Theresa May - just read an article by Bernard Jenkin in the FT this morning where he says::

Should Britain go for “hard” or “soft” Brexit? It is a question laced with unspoken assumptions — the most important being that the UK must have so-called “access” to the single market in exchange for an agreement that means we do not take back control over migration of EU citizens.

And, as he makes clear, neither option is acceptable to him or those who voted Leave: the only route for them is entirely out as soon as possible.

There can be no doubt that people like Liam Fox share this view and are at the Cabinet table.

The prospect of real division is very high here. And May now has more disaffected sacked Cameron ministers on her back benches than she has in her parliamentary majority. The idea that division is the preserve of the Opposition benches right now is seriously mistaken, however strong the Tory lust for power.