A year ago I was going to trash the economy with People’s QE: now it’s likely to happen

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I note that Larry Elliott wrote this in the Guardian last night when commenting on the Bank of England's inaction on interest rates:

Threadneedle Street wants to use what limited ammunition it has at a time of its own choosing and after it becomes clear what the Treasury is going to do under its new boss. Clearly, austerity plans will be softened, but the focus on infrastructure and industrial policy has prompted talk of the Treasury issuing infrastructure bonds that would be bought by the Bank. This would be the May government’s version of something Jeremy Corbyn floated when running to be Labour leader last year: People’s QE.

It looks like Corbynomics will have its day after all. But not with Jeremy Corbyn in charge.

Last summer I was supposedly going to trash the economy the economy with this idea. Chris Giles at the FT belittled People's QE.

I could, of course, be wrong, but I suspect People's Quantitative Easing will now be what revives any chance the UK economy has. It's come a long way since 2010.