Compare and contrast: Eagle v May

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Angela Eagle launched her candidacy for the Labour Party leadership today. She published this statement.

I would love to say I can find a policy commitment in it, but I can't. I can find a reference to her mum and dad. And some nice sounding sentiments. But as far as I can see there is nothing at all that says why she is standing. And I am really sorry to note that.

In contrast Theresa May spoke today. She did not know at the time that she would be PM by the middle of the week.

She spoke about industrial policy.

She wanted workers on boards.

And new government bonds to fund infrastructure.

And fair tax.

And new housing, presumably to be paid for with those bonds.

Of course it may be all a sham.

And it could also be true. As someone said to me, she could have lifted some of it from this blog.

All I am saying though is that if this was the start of a general election campaign - and it could be - Angela Eagle will have to improve her game whatever role she has to play.

What she has not done is show she is an alternative to Jeremy Corbyn.