Comments: moderation please

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There have been something like 400 comments on this blog in the last two and a bit days. As I write 20 more are waiting to be read.

In between that I have spoken at a meeting in London, spent many hours at work at City University, written several thousand words of the new book, worked on a chapter for another, and more. I even cooked at least one meal, talked to my family, dealt with some issues to do with a school trip, and slept a bit. This blog is not my whole life. It is not my main job. It is something that fits in.

I appreciate the comments this blog gets. I never expected to create a vibrant community of comment but it seems that by accident I have. 400 comments is though, given the length of some, quite a lot to read, especially when 99% got on: I have deleted almost nothing. I would be astonished if it has been less than 10,000 words given the passion and length some have written at.

Might I make a gentle plea then? Please do comment, including resp0nses. But if you have commented twice on an issue can you consider whether you need to again? Ask yourself in that case, are you still really adding to debate?

If so, well I will read it. But might you give me a chance? I have a book to finish, supposedly by tomorrow (it won't happen, but I am more than two thirds of the way there and only began in mid May). My editor is understanding but to get this out in November I have to crack on, and much as it is tempting few of you are offering words I can copy and paste so I need some time to myself as well as here.