I note Owen Jones seems to be in the same place as me on Labour

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I  seem to have taken a lot of criticism for my suggestion that Labour may need a new leader if it is to form a effective Opposition. I will comment in more detail shortly.

What I wanted to do now was to draw attention to an article by Owen Jones that summarises his own anguish in reaching the same difficult decision.

Maybe Owen has also always been a closet neoliberal Blairite member of the Establishment alongside me (as some on Twitter are describing me).

Or maybe, as I  have done, he has realised that if we have an election soon then Labour needs to win it, probably in coalition with others (as I gave argued) and that if Jeremy Corbyn does not help that cause he has to go, and should realise it is his job to do so.

I admire Owen's courage for saying that. And I do not think, for one minute, that he has sold out, become less committed, or compromised himself by saying it. What he has shown is his willingness to take a difficult decision in the interests, as he sees it, of others.