It is time for a new Labour leader

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I have just had an article published on Comment is Free in the Guardian explaining why I think it is time for Jeremy Corbyn to leave as leader of the Labour Party.

I am well aware that there will be those who will not like me saying this, but as I make clear in the article, my regard for Jeremy as a person remains strong, but the issues needing to be addressed are more important and it is clear that he can no longer command the authority to do that, like it or not.

This is a moment for calm heads, a clear focus on the need for a strong and effective opposition that offers a real alternative to the nonsense of austerity and a team that can deliver that. I may be optimistic in thinking such a team can be created, but like others I have reluctantly concluded that Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead one and felt I had a duty to say so.

I await the comments that will follow.