The UK: a country where politics only knows what it does not want

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If there was any chance that things might get better after the referendum it looks like all hope has been dashed.

The country voted for something it did not want. No one suggested what the alternative was.

It did so because the country has rejected the consequences of neoliberalism but without knowing what to put in its place.

Now the Prime Minister has gone because he knows the country does not want him.

The Conservatives are lining up to say they do not want Boris Johnson.

And just when Labour could be grabbing every advantage coming their way many seem adamant that they do not want Jeremy Corbyn.

There seems to be just one politician in the whole of the U.K. who knows what she wants, and Nicola Sturgeon may get it.

Everywhere else there is this ghastly feeling that we're looking into a void because no one has a vision and worse still will do anything to avoid finding one.

That's deeply worrying.

Right now we need clarity of thought

And there does not seem to be a lot of it around.