Politics is one of the highest forms of charity

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I have just just come across the following quote from the Pope offered earlier this month:

Following Christ, the Church is called to engage herself, in other words, there is no room for the Enlightenment adage, according to which the Church must not meddle in politics. The Church must meddle in great politics because — I quote Paul VI — “politics is one of the highest forms of love, of charity".

I am not a Catholic. I am a Quaker, which is in many ways as far as you get away from Catholicism on the Christian spectrum. But I agree, wholeheartedly.

Rather more importantly I suggest that the Charity Commission and UK politicians take note. As charity commentator Andrew Purkis has said:

This is a very significant statement, not only about the scourge of modern forms of slavery, but about the nature of charity. It puts into perspective the sentiments of part of the UK’s political class that are hostile to charitable advocacy and recent statements from the Cabinet Office describing charitable lobbying as the antithesis of good causes.

Again, I entirely agree.

I will live in faith and hope that charity might be liberated to do what is clearly at the heart of its purpose.