Not far from the EU referendum there are real political issues crying out for attention

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I am so bored by the EU referendum campaign.

I am as bored by its television representation that both, whether by plan or not, makes it clear that this is Conservative in-fighting and at the same time ignores anything anyone else has to say.

And I am very worried that in all this the real political issues that need to be addressed in this country are being ignored, and will be if Brexit is to happen as the entire political capital of governments to come is expended on creating new regulation to replace the reasonably functional arrangements that we already have.

As an exercise in neutering the role of both politics and government Brexit has been the best diversion those who have a deep dislike of both democracy and the state could have come up with. It is, to be blunt, working at that level, and worryingly is likely to do so for a long time to come.

So let me remind you whilst all this is going on our state is being sold off.

Inequality is rising.

The economy is under-performing.

We still face another banking crisis as the issues from 2008 have yet to be addressed.

The north-south divide is growing.

The housing situation is getting worse.

Student debt is crushing opportunity.

Class sizes are growing out of control.

Food banks are continuing.

Universal credit is not working.

Social security sanctions are delivering misery to many.

Businesses are failing.

Real ages remain insufficient to make ends meet for far too many.

The tax gap remains out of control.

HMRC is being torn apart by politicians who do not want to collect tax so that they have an excuse to shrink the state.

The NHS is at breaking point.

The court system may already be broken.

The planet is burning.

Biodiversity is reducing.

Mental health services are hopelessly inadequate to meet need.

And we are wasting our time debating whether to change the terms of trade with Europe in ways that will have no real impact at all at the end of the day, because we will remain wholly EU compliant, come what may.

Could it be that we're suffering the greatest political con trick of all time?