It’s time for Britannic Majesty to get a grip of the BVI

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I have scoured the Anti-Corruption Summit documentation to see what the British Virgin Islands have committed to doing.

The answer is nothing. Not a thing.

The BVI were at the centre of the Panama Papers and are absent from measures to address corruption.

By holding this Summit the UK government has recognised (however inadequately) the importance of tackling corruption. And they have agreed that it is a threat to international law and order.

The UK is responsible for law and order in the BVI.

The BVI are not taking the steps needed to deliver law and order.

A simple step should follow. Her Britannic Majesty should, through her Governor in the BVI, suspend local government of the British Oveseas Territory until such time as law and order can be restored. Direct rule from Westminster must be put in its place.

I await the announcement.