What if the centre is bereft of ideas?

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There is a lot of talk about politics needing to tack to the centre if any party is to secure a win in 2020. This is, I think, called conventional wisdom.

Maybe that has been true in the past. But what if the centre ground is bereft of ideas on how to address the problems we face? And that centre ground is, in fact, simply the perpetuation of a status quo that many, even in that centre ground, are disenchanted with?

To put it another way, is it possible to reclaim political discourse that is suffering from dormancy from a position that is itself within the centre ground?

And can the necessary, even if gentle, disruption that must occur as the precursor of the new political era that we appear to need ever come from a point of consensus around the existing system that the centre ground is likely to embrace?

I ask the questions in all seriousness because I am not at all sure that embracing the centre ground is what politics really requires at present.

But if it requires something else who can, and how can they, communicate an alternative in a politically plausible way? Again, I ask in all seriousness because that, I think, is the ultimate political question of the moment.