A disunited kngdom

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I am not in the mood for writing a long analysis of this week's election results so will offer some brief thoughts instead.

First, Scotland is another country and when it's politics are defined by that issue above all others (which is why Labour is being squeezed out of consideration and the Tories have revived there) then independence is inevitably gong to follow one day.

Second, Labour did hold on, and it won heavily last time.

Third, I celebrate the win of Sadiq Khan. That was a victory for London as a wholes after a nasty campaign from Zac Goldsmith. The Crosby myth has been shattered.

Fourth, the Libdems are not coming back.

Fifth, the Greens are being noticed.

Sixth, UKIP has a worrying presence in many communities.

But what, overall? Simply this: the UK is not united, if ever it was. I have to question whether it will ever be so again. The idea that one day we may be four separate nations (in some combination or other) is one I now think plausible and maybe even desirable. But in that case London has to work out how it could live with England because that divide is very real indeed.