Has the political mood changed already? Evidence suggests the confidence bubble has burst

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I drew attention to the ONS report this morning that suggested that most people thought the UK economy was recovering well - and that this sentiment was part of a trend that had been clear since 2011. In doing so I suggested that George Osborne was safe until, the mood changed. The survey on which the findings were based was taken last November.

And now there s some evidence from Ipsos Mori - published today via the Guardian - that it has:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 13.03.57

What this poll implies is a massive downturn in sentiment, not just personally but also for the country as a whole. From positive territory every indicator has turned negative - and for the country as a whole massively so.

As I suggested, this is the portent for change, if of course, anyone has an alternative to offer. If they do the mood is for the taking it seems.