Mr Blair does not understand

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It is reported today that Tony Blair does not understand the Corbyn and Sanders phenomenon.

Of course he does not, for three reasons.

First, Blair has always wanted to be loved. He really can't understand why he isn't.

Second, he is so much the problem he will never see attempts to find a solution, let alone find one.

Third, neoliberals think there is only one revealed truth. Anything else is incomprehensible. This is the strength of that belief system. It is why it can, for example, take over almost all university economics departments and exclude all other thinking without seeing any apparent dichotomy in proposing economuc freedom and denying the freedom to express contrary opinion at the same time. And that is why recent gagging of charities and academics seems perfectly acceptable to neoliberal politicians. Tony would not see the problem with that either, I am sure.

The problem for Tony Blair then is that his own dogma means that he cannot understand why he does not understand. And that may be insurmountable.