The descent into chaos

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The FT has a headline this morning that says:

Eurosceptic ministers set to disown EU deal

Cameron calls cabinet showdown hours after planned signing

That I can recall a Prime Minister has never spent so much time on negotiating a deal that he claims good for the country and at the behest of his party to return home to chair a meeting that he knows will lead to its public rejection by members of his own cabinet.

If this is leadership, I am bemused.

If this is good politics, I am equally bemused.

And I know this is not good for the country.

For all its faults, and they are many, the EU was a relatively minor issue in UK politics and should have been left to stay that way. Instead it is now centre stage. Chaos and uncertainty will ensue, before and after any referendum. And we can be quite sure little will change in the EU as a result but much might in this country if we leave.

The decent into a chaos we never needed, do not deserve, and will definitely regret, has begun.

David Cameron may, ultimately, be a victim of it. The man who thought he was a unionist may ultimately tear this country apart, and leave it internationally shredded, in a way few could have imagined possible. But he will not be the ultimate victim in that case. There will be many more of those.