The vast majority of people in the UK want country-by-country reporting

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This comes from the London Evening Standard last night and I share it in more detail that I would a normal news paper story because I think the findings really quite important:

Britons today demanded that George Osborne publicly shame corporate giants seen by many as cheating the country out of millions in tax.

More than 80 per cent of adults called on the Chancellor to set up a public register showing whether multinational firms are paying UK taxes.

There is, of course, only one way to provide this data in reality, and that is public country-by-country reporting where every multinational company would be required to publish an income statement for every country in which they trade.

As the Standard continued:

Shedding such light on their tax affairs would allow consumers to decide whether to buy their products – or boycott them if they appear to be diverting tax liabilities to countries such as Luxembourg to lower their bills.

The survey by BMG Research found that 84 per cent of Britons believe multi-national firms operating in the UK should be forced to publicly declare where they pay their taxes. Eighty-five per cent urged the Chancellor to set up a public register showing whether the firms are paying their taxes here.

Surely the time has come when the reasonable demand for this data has to be met?