My books of the year

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The Times Higher Education asked me to contribute to their Christmas edition in which a range of people select their books of the year. These were mine:

Richard Murphy, professor of practice in international political economy, City University London
Choosing two books of 2015 proved surprisingly easy. Both stood out for their courage. The first, most closely related to my work, is Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). I am not an unequivocal fan of the book, but I am certainly a fan of why it was written and what it tries to do. The economic paradigm we live in is failing. Mason is appropriately seeking to find an alternative. The second is Steve Pottinger’s 2015 collection of poems more bees, bigger bonnets (Ignite). Pottinger is best known for his poem attacking Starbucks’ tax affairs. In this and other work, he seeks to do what poetry often does best, which is to give voice to dissent that demands change. Both books deliver hope. That’s enough for me.

Other suggestions are welcome.