Apple: rotten to its core

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So Tim Cook, Apple's CEO thinks that suggestions that Apple avoids tax are “total political crap” and claims that “Apple pays every tax dollar we owe.”

That, to be polite, is the ranting of a man who has lost touch with reality. He ignores all the measures Apple tales to make sure its tax bill is minimised and then says it pays every penny it owes.

That's the defence of Nelson Mandela's guard who might have said he was just obeying orders without ever questioning how and why his prisoner came to be on Robben Island.

It's the defence of a corporation that is so rotten to the core that it does not even realise where the boundaries of morality are any more.

And it's the comment of a man who shows himself unfit to be CEO of a major company.

PS I abandoned Apple when buying my latest phone.