If the Conservatives are so keen on tackling tax abuse why did they vote against doing so in the EU Parliament?

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This week saw a major motion on measures to be taken to tackle tax abuse passed by the EU Parliament. I do, of course, welcome that.

I welcomed the size of the vote: 500 for, 122 against and 81 abstaining.

What surprised me was the single biggest opposing group by a long way were the ECR group, which is dominated by the UK's Conservative MEPs, none of whom seem to have voted for the motion (page 35, here).

Why is it that right across Europe political parties could find common ground on this issue and the problems it causes but the UK's Conservatives could not do so?

What is it about our Conservatives that makes them oppose transparency, coordination and convergence in corporate tax policies?

Surely they're not on the side of the avoiders, are they?