The narrow minded view on tax

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This comment was made by US Senator Orrin Hatch - the chair of the Senate finance committee - on 1 December when talking about the OECD Base Erosion and Profits Shifting  process that is trying to crack down on international tax abuse:

  At the same time, while international efforts to align tax systems are worth exploring, we shouldn’t be negotiating agreements that undermine our own interests for the sake of some supposedly higher or nobler cause.  The interests of the United States – our own economy, our own workers, and our own job creators – should be our sole focus.   

No wonder there is tax abuse in the world. It is too often state sponsored, not least by the USA.

The winners are big business.

The losers are everyone else.

If tax justice is about anything it is about saying it need not be that way.

And it should not be that way. Because that's the path to the crisis that Jersey faces.