What if Labour did what the Scottish Tories have done?

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I have noted a story in the FT this morning that says:

The Scottish Conservative party has ditched half its election candidates in an attempt to make itself Scotland’s second-biggest party in parliamentary elections in May.

The makeover sees a new breed of younger, moderate Tories replace many of the party’s longstanding candidates, as it seeks to appeal to voters from the centre ground.

I wonder what the media coverage would have been if Labour had ditched half its candidates for an election?

My concern is not with what the parties do: as I am not a member of any party that is not my business. But how the media reports certain issues is my business: I get my news from that media. Only the FT seems to have covered this story so far that I can see, and I have to wonder why (and I accept, it may be because it is wrong, but the FT does not usually make such errors). Or is it, more likely, that the media lack the objectivity that we need on such issues?