How many more West Coast mainline fiascos are coming our way?

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As the FT has noted:

Although George Osborne, the chancellor, revealed plans to increase transport capital spending by 50 per cent to a total of £61bn over parliament, the DfT will be hit with a 37 per cent cut to its operating budget. Within these cuts, the department will see a 12 per cent reduction in administration costs.

Does anyone remember the West Coast mainline fiasco, of which the BBC reported:

A "complete lack of common sense" in the Department for Transport's handling of the West Coast Main Line franchise deal will cost taxpayers "£50m at the very least", MPs have said.

The cost might be "very much larger", the Public Accounts Committee warned.

The committee accused the department of making "fundamental errors" and failing to learn from "previous disasters".

How many more of those are going to happen if a much increased sum of money is to be spent by a much reduced civil service?

Or is this a really grand day for the outsourcing giants whose fees for managing those projects are now wrapped up in the investment budget itself? Oh to be a partner in KPMG and their mates, eh? Could this be the spending review they were just waiting for?

Or is it just another mess-up waiting to happen?