Built in obsolescence? Or just getting old?

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Two weeks ago I got back from Montreal with a sickly iPhone. It transpired, when I took the case off, that this had become structural: the back if four year old phone was literally falling to pieces within it. Repair would have cost over £200: a Samsung A3 is now doing the job for less than that.

Yesterday my Macbook's charger failed: it's blowing fuses faster than I can put them in the plug. It is also four years old. As, I hope, the now mute MacBook is still OK I am in a visit to the Apple Store in Manchester this morning en route to the Co-op Practitioners conference to talk about tax governance.

Am I getting old and rough, or is this built in obsolescence? Apple's repair pricing policy certainly suggests they have no interest in products of this age and I can't be alone in wanting to keep otherwise functional IT going.

PS: In fairness an update at 12.30pm. The Apple Store in Manchester made it work - devoting some time to the task at no charge - so credit where it is due on this one.

But even they agreed I'm on borrowed time: they almost laughed that I was still using a Macbook so old