Teaching the reality of money

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I loved this comment on the blog this morning from someone called Andy:

Incidentally you could replicate the money system in a classroom where the teacher has the ‘authority’ say to stop the kids going to the school disco unless they pay their taxes and the taxes need to be paid in the teacher’s old business cards. When they ask how they get the business cards, the teacher says he will pay them for various jobs that need doing around the school. You could actually start a monetary economy (or a business card economy) where kids that didn’t want to work could obtain the cards from other kids by trading.

You could even allow them to start their own banks using their own tokens but then you would have to insist that the teacher’s cards get returned to the teacher by the bank when any taxes are paid. So in that scenario with excess cards in issue would the teacher borrowing them back offering an interest rate on the ‘loan’ be considered ‘debt ‘ ? Hours of fun.

Even thinking about it is fun.