Corbyn backs a Financial Transactions Tax

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This is from an opinion piece by Jeremy Corbyn in the FT:

From our position outside the eurozone, we can and must influence EU economic reform. We must work with the 11 EU nations that are co-operating to bring in a financial transactions tax. Unlike the current chancellor, who wasted taxpayers’ money in a failed legal case to block the tax, we would participate in negotiations to discuss how we can better regulate the financial sector and raise revenues.

And for the record, so is this:

Labour is clear that we should remain in the EU. But we too want to see reform.  .... Europe is the only forum in which we can address key challenges for our country, like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and, most recently, the mass movement of refugees from the violence in Syria seeking sanctuary and hope in Europe.

I have long argued for a financial transactions tax.

And I have long argued that the EU has played a major role in tackling tax haven abuse.

I welcome both statements - and had no knowledge of either before they appeared in the FT (for the record).