The Joy of Tax: now out on 1 October

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This article was in The Bookseller yesterday:

Transworld has brought forward the release date of The Joy of Tax by Richard Murphy — the creator of ‘Corbynomics’ — and is exploring plans to launch the book at the Labour Party Conference next month.

Murphy is a chartered accountant and is the author of Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy.

The Joy of Tax, bought by Transworld publishing director Doug Young in September last year, was originally due to be released on 19th November, but Transworld has brought forward the release to 1st October.

The publisher’s publicity director Patsy Irwin told The Bookseller that the company was exploring plans to launch the book at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton at the end of September, where the new leader of the Labour Party will be announced.

Irwin said: “Of course, some details may change if Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t win the leadership, but either way, there’s an awful lot of interest out there in the idea of Corbynomics and Corbyn himself is publicly acknowledging Richard Murphy as instrumental in the creation of the policy. So we are putting everything in place to give the book its best chance out there.”

Murphy has already made a series of radio and newspaper appearances talking about Corbynomics with Transworld, which has secured a quote from journalist Owen Jones for the cover, planning more publicity in the run up to release. Independent bookshop City Books will be selling copies of The Joy of Tax at the conference.

In The Joy of Tax Murphy explores the idea that by embracing tax a fairer society can be created.

Young told The Bookseller that he bought the book after the success of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Harvard University Press, translated by Arthur Goldhammer), which led him to believe that people are willing to read about economics.

“This is an important issue, and it’s a different way of talking about tax,” said Murphy.

The article is in a sense not quite right: I authored ideas that were adopted by Jeremy Corbyn is the correct way of putting things, but that's a minor quibble.

The bigger concern is I still have four chapters to copy edit. I have a feeling I know what I will be doing this bank holiday weekend.