UK migrant policy is taking us to a place no one should contemplate going

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The FT reports this morning that:

James Brokenshire, the immigration minister, said on Sunday that the government wanted to show the UK was not a “land of milk and honey” as he defended moves to strip families of benefits if their asylum applications were rejected.

He said ministers were looking at removing support for more than 10,000 failed asylum seekers in family groups, who under the current rules are still housed and paid a weekly £36 allowance even if their asylum claims are rejected.

I am aware that others have raised issue with this proposed reform but I want to as well.

In playing tough these ministers, secure with their incomes and safe in their homes in ways that those claiming asylum will never be, are deliberately creating poverty tending towards outright destitution for children who are already living on well below any sum that might be considered to meet need.

Nothing in this policy is appropriate. It speaks of an ability amongst ministers to now objectify groups of people in society as if they are less than human. It says that these ministers lack sufficient empathy to understand that needs must be met even if migrants must also, I accept, be deported on occasion.

I condemn that increasingly prevalent view amongst ministers.

First they came for the migrant....

You know where this leads and it is somewhere we should be going nowhere near.