The government may be walking away from its Green Deal. The Green New Deal marches on

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The Green New Deal Group, of which I am a member, was formed in 2007 and began publishing its solutions to the world's economic crisis before Lehman Brothers crashed. One of our key proposals was, and remains, programmes of home insulation and local energy generation to create sustainability with long term economic returns that would also deliver jobs in every constituency in the UK.

In 2010 the government, as we now know to be its habit, stole our mantle and launched the Green Deal to supposedly promote a somewhat more limited, and hopelessly underfunded version of that vision. Yesterday it scrapped it.

I suppose I should be depressed by headlines like this in the Guardian:

Government kills off flagship green deal

I am not, in itself. The watered down version was always a half-hearted gesture.

What I am annoyed about are three things. The first is that this is yet another move by the government to walk away from environmental responsibility.

The second is that we still need a Green New Deal and we are not getting it.

Third, we have made clear how such a Deal could be funded, but politicians (with one or two exceptions) are so far fighting shy of it.

The government may be walking away from its Green Deal. The Green New Deal marches on.