If you’re so into respect and inclusion Deloitte why are you assisting the exploitation of the world’s poor?

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Deloitte UK has produced this video on respect and inclusion:

I am all for respect and inclusion but in that case I have questions for Deloitte, like how come if you're so committed to respect and inclusion do you operate in all the major world tax havens when it is known that they help billions flow out of developed countries in ways that are harmful to their well-being?

And when you now must know that, if this is true, your involvement in this activity helps undermine the health and education provision for so many children in the world why have you have never talked about that possibility and what you're going to do to stop it?

Why too do you oppose country-by-country reporting which would expose what you and your clients are doing on transfer pricing and also expose who is making use of your services in these places?

Because, you see, respect and inclusion is not just about what happens within the comfort of your own four walls. Respect and inclusion is what you do to your neighbour as well as to yourselves.

And I'll tell you: right now your neighbours think you let them down badly Deloitte, and all the evidence is on their side.

So, I welcome your video and its messaging.

But I'll believe what you're seeking to say when you support country-by-country reporting and things like the Fair Tax Mark.

And when you stand up against tax abuse.

And when you pull out of tax havens like the British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man where it is only tax abuse that can justify your presence (or inclusion would require that you be in the Isle of Wight, which is bigger than all of them and where you'll never be seen).

Then I'll begin to think you're walking your talk. But right now, I don't. And with good reason.

So, the ball's in your court.

And I don't suggest you respond with a lawyer's letter, because that will make you look very silly indeed.

Start talking instead. We're waiting to hear from you.