3 million new apprenticeships? Really?

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The Budget report says the government will:

introduc[e] a levy on large employers to fund 3 million new, high quality apprenticeships this Parliament

Now I approve, very strongly of training and very highly of on the job training. But let's get real here. There are 28 million or so employees, based on tax records, in the UK. As some do not pay tax and some are part time the total may be a bit over 30 million in reality.

Roughly speaking as many now leave the workforce as join it for age reasons: growth is from net migration on the whole.

So, on this basis one in ten employees in the UK is going to be an apprentice in the next five years.


I'm finding that one a bit hard to believe.

As much as I am finding it hard to imagine where the training and trainers are coming from.

I'd rather fewer high quality apprenticeships than same made up number and I fear that's what we're getting.