Just suppose Greece was a state facing imminent collapse….

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The whole debate about Greece is about bankers, creditors, payments, tax and budgets. It shows how warped our world is.

Greece is a country facing collapse.

It's had a deeply undesirable a totalitarian regime in my lifetime.

It is located in one of the traditional crucibles for conflict.

It has a powerful fascist element that is violent.

It is on a crucial border of Europe.

It is impoverished and broke and the future of its government is at risk: like it or not there is no viable elected alternative to Syriza; the rest of the political spectrum is too corrupt to contemplate holding lower.

And despite all that the combined powers of Europe want to break it for the sake of their banks, a few euro that make no overall difference in the grand scheme of things, and because they'd rather....

That's when you ask 'rather what'?

A military takeover?

Civil war?

The rise of fascism?

An open embrace of Russia?

Contagion without obvious limits?

Have these EU countries taken leave of their senses? Just let their foreign ministers get a word in edgeways for a moment. Greece is a state that should in any rational foreign policy debate demand subsidy, support and aid to make sure it stayed on side.

Instead we're kicking it hard and down.

The insanity is very, very hard to fathom.

Unless you have a bankers' mentality.