For 300,000 of the rich a tax break. For 300,00 children poverty

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According to the FT:

Former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson on Wednesday night urged George Osborne to cut the top income tax rate to 40p in next month’s Budget, amid signs the Treasury is considering such a move.

I think there can be no doubt that this is a deliberately placed story to soften up the ground for such a Machiavellian announcement.

Tax cuts for the top 1%. That's 300,000 or so people.

Slashed tax credits for millions of families are expected in the same budget.

And it's expected that 300,000 children more children will be recorded as living in poverty when new stats are out today.

And in the meantime the IMF has said that the rich getting richer harms us all and that tax breaks need to go to those least off.

What can I say?

Or do?

But despair, that is.