The far right aren’t populists

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I am worried by the whole tone of an article in the FT this morning that reports the election result in Denmark. It begins:

Denmark is set for a change of government as parliamentary elections brought a surge of support for a populist, anti-immigration party.

So a party that seeks to make asylum really difficult, is seeking to limit immigration and which is offering far right policies is not even hinted as having that right wing stance but is instead referred to as 'populist'.

It's not an accident. The term is repeated in the article, which also says:

It remains unclear if the DPP would enter government or seek to support it from parliament as they did in 2001-11. But if they enter a centre-right coalition, it would mark the third Nordic country to have a populist party in government after Norway and Finland.

Every time I go on air I am a 'left leaning' commentator, or something like that. But the treatment of the right is very different. And now we're seeing the far right (and let's not pretend these people are anything else) not being described as such but being given the title 'populist'.

I find that profoundly worrying.