Caroline Lucas is supporting the Fair Tax Pledge. Will your MP do the same?

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Caroline Lucas MP, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, is one of the first signatories of the Fair Tax Pledge. As she's said:

Tax seems to have become a dirty word and I am proud to be part of this initiative to reclaim it.

Paying tax is something I do because I believe in the redistribution of wealth, in giving something back, and in the principle that we are all collectively responsible for making society work for everyone.

The Fair Tax Pledge is my promise that I’ll never try to dodge my taxes and I hope others will join me in pledging the same.

I'm delighted Caroline has said this, but that leaves 649 other MPs in the House of Common plus 800 or so Lords who have not done so.

I wonder if, after you've signed the Fair Tax Pledge you might ask your MP to do so?

You could email them. Addresses are here. A possible letter might be:


Dear X

The Fair Tax Pledge

I've just signed the Fair Tax Pledge that's available here

I've promised to:

  1. Declare all my income openly, honestly and on a timely basis;
  1. Not use tax havens to reduce any tax that I owe;
  1. Not use marketed or abusive tax avoidance arrangements;
  1. Not enter into any tax arrangement contrary to the spirit of the law;
  1. Advise my accountant that I do not want them to do anything contrary to the commitments I have made.

Would you please do the same? If so would you please sign the Fair Tax Pledge and let me know you've done so?

Yours etc


Alternatively tweet them. That should work too.

Many thanks.