Osborne’s setting the agenda for 2020 with his “entrenching the state” speech

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In 2010 George Osborne used the Labour leadership vacuum to create the "country's broke and it's all Labour's over-spending's fault" narrative.

Tonight George Osborne will try to use another Labour leadership vacuum to create the "we must balance the books or we'll go to hell in a handcart" narrative.

The 2010 narrative was very obviously not true, but it caught hold.

The 2015 narrative is also very obviously not true. But what does that matter in politics?

What matters is that people will suffer whilst he pursues this agenda.

The question is whether or not Labour will challenge it?

I am sure the SNP will.

And that the Greens will.

But will Labour?

It's a question that needs an answer and there appears to be no one to provide it.

No wonder George Osborne will be smiling tonight.