Extending the reach of the debate: or please retweet!

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I have watched my readership figures on this blog over the last few weeks with interest. Until May 8 traffic on the blog had been running at record levels - at an annualised rate of more than 1.8 million reads a year.

That has fallen back over the last couple of weeks, and not just because I have been in holiday (although that never helps). It is clear that after the election some of the fever has gone out of debate.

That's hardly surprising, of course. The prospect of imminent change has gone away and with it some of the passion, and the retweets (unless the issue is money creation: when all campaigning has ended money reformers will still be going) (I jest).

This is a shame though. Now is the time for debate.

Can I make a plea then? If you are on other social media and you do think a blog I have written is worth sharing might you hit the relevant share button at the bottom and pass it on? That way the argument reaches new participants and if change is going to happen that is essential.

Thank you.