Tories and LibDems to write their own obituaries

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According to the Guardian tonight:

Britain [is] set to face weeks of political paralysis after election

The article is subtitled:

Rebel Tories could block new Conservative-Liberal Democrat pact, while Nick Clegg faces revolt over possible Tory deal

And in summary says:

Britain faces “weeks not days” without an effective government following Thursday’s general election if David Cameron wins the most seats and tries to renew his coalition vows with Nick Clegg, according to senior Tories and Liberal Democrats.

A Tory-Lib Dem coalition Mark Two is seen as one of the most likely results of an extremely close election. But senior MPs from both parties revealed they have deep reservations about such an outcome, and are privately planning to force their leaders into gruelling and protracted negotiations that could last well into the summer.

Three thoughts follow. The first is that maybe Ed Miliband is wise to eschew deals and work on a vote by vote basis, which looks to be an option unavailable to the Tories.

The second is that if this paralysis is permitted by the Fixed Term Parliament Act then it has to be swept from the statute book, along with our current electoral system.

And third, regrettably, Labour might need to let this play out as such a period would end with both the LibDems and Tories fractured and unlikely to form a government, having in the meantime written their own political obituaries.

Chaos may appear to be undesirable, but sometimes it is the necessary precursor of fundamental change. Maybe, just maybe, that's what we will get.