The no chocolate biscuits law, 2015

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I have a confession to make.  However I look at myself there is just a little too much of me. Only a few kilos, maybe, bit too much, nonetheless.

Now I have promised to address this issue for a long time and people are beginning not to believe me so I have decided to do something about it. As some people may be aware, I like writing laws, and so I've decided I'll address the problem that way. Here's my new law.

The No Chocolate Biscuits Law 2015

1.   This law shall only apply to Richard Murphy

2.  This law bans the eating of chocolate biscuits.

3.  This law shall not apply to Jaffa Cakes and Tunnocks Tea Cakes, because they're not biscuits.

4.  This law shall last until the temptation to repeal it becomes too great.

That should solve the problem. Woe betide anyone who does not believe me!