Existential crisis, anyone?

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According to Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer the conventional three largest political parties in the UK as a whole all face existential crises after the forthcoming general election, come what may.

The Tory crisis will result from their inability to win, and descent into likely opposition, a role that they think is never theirs to fill. 

Labour wil mourn the loss of Scotland, and so a majority, even if they are in Number 10.

Both, Rawnsley says, will argue left v right.

And the LibDems will face a potential crisis of irrelevance: not in government even in a hung parliament.

I think Rawnsley is 80% right. The left and right of the Tories, right-wing Labiur and LibDems do indeed face such crises. But left wing Labour? Is it facing melt down? Not if I gauge correctly those I speak to of that inclination. The rise of the SNP to hold the feet of Labour to a lefter-wing fire suits them very nicely. The idea of angst appears not to be occurring to them right now. They're looking forward to government.

No wonder Cameron and his cohort is worried. The electorate might be making a choice and the Establishment unsurprisingly does not like it. But once in a while the people of the country have to make their voices heard. If there is a crisis it's only because democracy might work, for once.