What would you ask?

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I spoke at a meeting organised by the Quakers in Hebden Bridge. Two of the constituency candidates came along and the issue  of tax justice got a good airing. Thanks to all involved, including those who came.

Afterwards I was talking to my host for the night, Geoff Tansey (a food specialist, whose work has also been supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust) and he suggested I am missing a trick by not making shortish videos (5 minutes at most) on the major themes of my work, and, as importantly, what people can do about creating change.

It's something I have often considered and not done. Partly that has been cost. This could not be done on an iPhone, I suspect. It's also because I wonder what the impact would really be, although Geoff is clearly using this medium to good effect.

Any thoughts?

And suggestions on what I should talk about?

And are campaigning themes of interest?

I stress, there are no promises. But I am interested.