It’s a bad day for Greek tax evaders

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Syriza has the nigh on impossible task of presenting a list of reforms to the IMF, ECB and EU today that does at the same time meet their needs and is capable of being explained domestically.

There is only one way they can do that.

Today will be bad news for Greek tax evaders. Whatever happens, today has to be the first in a programme that will really collect tax from those who owe it in that country.

Nothing else can square the circle Syriza has to deliver today.

But the reform is, anyway, essential for Greece.

I don't think this will prevent Greece leaving the Euro. But no left wing society can be built on the basis of a tax administration that fails to tackle industrial scale tax abuse, so this is a policy Syriza can and should embrace, and which will buy the time that is needed and the domestic credibility that is essential.

I hope the relevant authorities are sensible enough to accept it.