Who does want to vote for any party backed by hedge funds and bankers?

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The FT's reported that:

Donations to Labour from individuals have slumped to less than half of their level during the last parliament, highlighting the party’s difficulty in appealing to wealthy business figures.

The opposition party received just £8.7m from private donors in the current legislative session, compared to £20.7m in the same period of the last parliament, according to an analysis by the Financial Times of Electoral Commission figures.

My immediate reaction was "so what?" The sad reality is that most of the funding for the Conservatives comes from hedge funds and private equity which I find no more attractive there than I do when it funds the Progress lobby group within Labour. Realistically, who does believe that there is any common interest between the quid pro quo these people will expect for their money and most people in this country?

The sooner we had state funding of political parties plus limited personal donations (maximum £1,000 a person) the better. And not just for left wing parties but right wing ones too, because time and again the evidence is that they too are poorly served by such ties.