Poverty in the Cayman Islands

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I received this email last night under the heading:

Help feed children of Grand Cayman today!

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Quite what the per capita GDP of the Cayman Islands is is open to doubt: the UN think it the tenth highest in the world, but all data from Cayman is circumspect. What is known is that its population is about 55,000.

And despite enormous wealth being apparently shared between so few there are children who need to rely on charity for a proper school meal that may be their main meal of the day.

That's what happens when a government is run in the interests of finance and not people.

That's what happens when corporations capture a state to make sure they do not pay tax.

This is what corruption of the state looks like.

This is the world of the tax haven.

But let's be clear: we should feel sorry for those children, because their perception of inequality must be staggeringly hard for them to understand. With luck when they grasp the issue they face they may demand change. We have to hope.