An update

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Many thanks to all who have enquired after my health. I trust a generic update will suffice.

I had the operation in Friday which went well although the post-operative period was, to put it mildly, excruciating. However, when the reasons for that were worked out and addressed progress began and I came out yesterday, thankfully getting away with just keyhole surgery. As my sons put it, I laid a gall stone of impressive size and lost the gall bladder with it.

I have realised that I will need a recovery period. I feel a very much younger person than I am, but also appreciate that I probably need a recuperation to reflect the fact that I am now  a lot nearer official retirement age than my thirties. I am also, pragmatically, pretty sore.

The blog may remain light on content for a day or two as a result. Work will not be addressed for a while longer. Twitter I have found to be an effective pain management tool. And I have been instructed to find out what a box set is. I am not confident that project will succeed.