If Lynton Crosby was God I would not want to rely on his grace

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The Guardian has reported that:

In the half-hour address in Birmingham, [Lynton] Crosby said Labour “risks” amounted to “higher taxes, going back to high spending, more debt, the wrong priorities, the wrong signals to people on welfare, ......"

That one I have put in bold - that Labour might send the wrong message to people on 'welfare' jumped out at me.

First, I hate the term 'welfare'. No one is on 'welfare'. I would like to think we live in a compassionate and empathic society where we care for those suffering short or long term misfortune or who are in simple need and make provision for them as a result. This is not charity or a hand out. It is part of a process of mutual self support knowing that there, but for the grace of God (or not, as you think appropriate), we might all go which is why we pay when we can and claim when we need. This is not 'welfare'. This is social security.

But more important than that is what the message is that Lynton Crosby thinks Labour might send to people on 'welfare'.

I'd hope, and I am sure he fears, that Labour might say that all people are equal and worthy of respect.

And that society cares for those with need for whatever the reason.

And that we value what they have to offer, come what may, because it may be and often is exceptional.

And we know that they have real needs, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, some of which they cannot afford to meet in cash terms and that we do so, willingly, on their behalf.

And that we welcome them in our communities.

And want them to play a full part and we'll help them do so.

And that we expect in return that when they can provide for others, as many will be able to do in due course if society gives them the chance, that they take their part in doing so when that time comes, because that's part of this relationship of caring.

Is that what Lynton Crosby fears?

Because if so I fear Lynton Crosby and hope that I never have to rely on his grace.