The Scots have rumbled capitalism and non-state welfare

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Tim Montgomerie, former editor of Conservative Home and now comment editor of The Times tweeted this yesterday:

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He was right, in a sense, and so wrong at the same time. It's not that the Scots have not been persuaded of the value of capitalism and non-state welfare, it' more that the current drive towards no welfare has persuaded the Scots that they don't share values with a country that seems to have embraced a brutal and callous form of capitalism.

And this is the core of what the referendum is about. For once it is not detail that is driving decision making. It is values. And the signs are that a very large number of people do not share the oppressive values of the right wing in England, in particular.

The next job will be to get the majority in England who also detest it to get rid of it south of the border as well, whatever the referendum result.