It’s not too late for a break

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August is not yet over, and I need a break. Not from blogging, of course. Asking me to do that is a bit like asking me to stop breathing. I've been writing pretty incessantly sense I was eight and still have my first cast iron Remington typewriter. No, I need a break from the rubbish that some commentators put in this blog. As one more enlightened commentator put it yesterday:

I honestly don’t know why you give these people the time of day.

If you go to Worstall’s blog and read through the comments you’ll see that the same names appear amongst those who spend every day bragging about winding you up, launching all manner of vile personal attacks, wishing you were dead, fantasising about posting dog shit through your letterbox etc, etc like a sad collection of adolescent sociopaths.

So I went to take a look (not easy these days: Google have blocked Worstall's own blog on the grounds of its poor taste, I gather) and I immediately found five regular commentators here in action there doing if not exactly what is said above then certainly doing things not far short of it in some cases.

And then there are, like Worstall himself, those who have come out of the closet recently to attack democracy and who place themselves so far beyond the fringes of reasonable political debate that I really can't be bothered to engage with them any more. There are simply better things to do with life.

So, if you're a regular commentator on Worstall's blogs about me, or have sided with the plutocrats here I'll be deleting you now however reasonable you think you might try to make your comment because no one will be fooled by it, and by definition it will not be adding to useful debate.

And I'll get a break from having to deal with all your nonsense.

PS There are more than a dozen on the list already