What does Englishness mean? It’s the question needing an answer

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I am up early on a bank holiday Monday morning to go bird watching - and it's raining too hard to make any fun of that, so I've been reading the news and wondering what a UKIP world will look like.

First things first - I am sure UKIP will have its first elected MP in two weeks.

Second, I do not foresee a landslide in a year for UKIP, or even little more than a blip. A 30% share now could easily become 15% or less at a general election based on many precedents.

That, though, remains uncomfortable.

It's uncomfortable because many who would lose very badly from UKIP voted for it.

It's uncomfortable for women - UKIP had the lowest electable party representation of women by far.

It's uncomfortable for anyone who feels like the UK is their adopted home.

It's uncomfortable because right now it makes the idea of effective government within the prevailing UK system seem hard: the complete failure of the current Coalition to have anything to do in its mandatory fifth term is evidence of that.

It's uncomfortable for those who believe in public services.

It's uncomfortable for those who care.

It's uncomfortable for those that need protection.

And that's why I would like to see politcians - especially on the left - move out of their comfort zones.

It's time to talk basics.

It's time to talk freedom from fear.

And it's time to embrace diversity - because that is reality.

And it is also time to talk about something to that almost no one will touch upon - which is what it really means to be English. The Scots, Welsh and Irish know who they are, by and large. The crisis is for the English. It is they who, by and large, have moved to the far right (and yes, I know UKIP won in Wales and Scotland, but only just).

Surely that is a theme to be addressed that we have all been far too uncomfortable with?

It is one to ponder on because defining what Englishness means seems to me to be at the core of resolving the English political dilemma outside London.

I will give it some thought.

Enough musing for now. It has stopped raining.