The failure of democracy

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George Monbiot has an article in the Guardian this morning in which he points out how the law on pheasant shooting is rigged to suit the needs of those doing the shooting.

And last night the BBC's Panorama programme revealed how, in its opinion, Bernie Ecclestone had managed to avoid what he claimed was billions of pounds in tax as a result of the use of offshore trust arrangemnts.

Both are examples of the same thing, which is the law being arranged for the convenience of a minority in society.

Oddly, this is not necessary, although we take it for granted that it will happen. Democracy was designed to prevent this. It is why so many quite literally fought for it. But because people don't vote, and because the left has given up challenging the authority of an elite in society (which is why, I suggest, so many don't vote) democracy is not working as it should.

The issues highlighted are important.

The failure of democracy to tackle these issues is more important.