I don’t think Euan Sutherland has the first clue about co-operation

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The Guardian has just reported that:

The Co-operative Group was thrown deeper into crisis on Tuesday after the new boss Euan Sutherland threatened to resign in the face of opposition to his reforms for the mutually owned chain of supermarkets, funeral homes and banks.

So having already  grabbed a £3.6 million salary  from a battered and bruised Board of Directors he now wants to usurp their power  as well.  It is  as a result very clear that Mr Sutherland has no  understanding of the responsibility owed by a director of a cooperative to the members that they represent.

I have a  simple suggestion for Mr Sutherland.  He has very obviously taken a job that he does not understand, which is way beyond his abilities, and pay scale, and where he has no  comprehension of the ethos of the organisation that he has been put in charge of.  I suggest  he walks away very quietly, and without compensation.

I fear that will not happen.